Foot Pain (Including Fallen Arches)

Signs and Symptoms

Foot pain can be caused by a number of dysfunctions including joint sprains, stress fractures, tendinopathies, plantar fascia strain (see plantar fasciitis) or fallen arches. Pain may be felt suddenly, or gradually worsen over time depending on the cause. Pain may be felt as an ache in the middle, top or bottom of the foot, often made worse with standing, walking or running.

Fallen arches, also known as flat feet or pes planus, are one of the causes of foot pain and can also contribute to lower back, hip and knee pain. It may affect one or both feet. It is a condition whereby the arch along the bottom of the foot collapses and comes in contact with the ground; and is often accompanied by overpronation of the foot, where the foot rolls inwards.

Our Treatment & Expertise

At Bray Physiotherapy, we will complete a full biomechanical assessment of the foot and ankle to ascertain the cause of your pain. Treatment of foot pain includes manual therapy to mobilise stiff joints of the foot, massage and soft tissue therapy to alleviate discomfort, strengthening exercises for the intrinsic foot muscles, calves or lower limb, electrotherapy, acupuncture and possibly orthotic prescription. You may also be advised regarding suitable footwear for sports and everyday use. Your physiotherapist will advise you on suitable levels of physical activity, gradually progressing your weight-bearing activities throughout your treatment process until you are back to full pain-free function.