Exercise Prescription

The benefits of regular exercise are widely known but many people remain sedentary. A great number of medical conditions can become chronic if associated with an inactive lifestyle.  Everyone benefits from regular exercise regardless of age and physical ability. It is recommended that we partake in 30 minutes of moderate activity every day, e.g. walking, sweeping, housework.  When you attend a physiotherapist with an injury or with pain, as part of your assessment and treatment you will be asked about your level of daily activity, hobbies, and interests. The exercises given to rehabilitate the injury or condition will be tailored to your lifestyle and working life. Exercises are a vital component in returning you to your pre-injury state and should include a combination of aerobic, strengthening and flexibility exercises.

At Bray Physiotherapy we are experts at screening for injury prevention and rehabilitation post injury and we also advocate that regular daily exercise is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. For those without an injury, we can evaluate you pre-exercise, discuss activity preferences and lifestyle goals and match the exercise programme to your abilities.