Signs and Symptoms

Tendinopathy describes a painful condition involving a tendon (attaches muscle to bone) due to trauma or overuse.  It most commonly occurs in the Achilles tendon or elbow tendons, known as a Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow. A tendon injury can be sudden and be a complete or a partial tear; a complete tear will require a surgical referral.

Tendinopathy can be classified in different ways:

  • Tendinitis is an acute tendon injury where pain and inflammation are present, there is pain on movement, and it is tender to touch.
  • Tendinosis, a chronic tendon injury, where pain is present with movement or activity, and weakness and wasting of the muscle have occurred.

Our Treatment & Expertise

Treatment varies depending on the type of tendon injury, however, the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) principle is still the priority in the first 48 hours.  Once settled we will commence treatment to promote healing and the formation of scar tissue by the use of ‘Hands-On’ therapies including massage, frictions, electrotherapy and/or acupuncture. Exercises are very important to improve range of movement and strength and a specific programme is designed for the appropriate injury.

Once the cause of the injury either acute or chronic is determined, we aim to alter and improve the faulty mechanisms, including biomechanical errors and poor technique e.g. running, lifting, swinging a golf club, to ensure the injury does not recur.