There are a number of electrotherapeutic modalities available for the treatment of sporting injuries. They help in the reduction of inflammation and pain and accelerate the natural healing abilities of the body. They are useful as an addition to the “Hands-On “approach to treatment provided at Bray Physiotherapy.


Ultrasound are high frequency sound waves. The frequency (the number of cycles per second) of the human ear is between 20 to 20,000 Hertz so anything above that is classed as Ultrasound. It has a variety of physical effects, e.g. increasing metabolic rate, reducing and controlling pain and muscle spasm. As it increases the blood flow to the injured area it speeds up healing and prevents abnormal scar tissue developing.

Interferential Therapy

Interferential stimulation uses two medium frequency currents simultaneously applied to the skin. They are set up over the area to be treated so that their paths cross and they literally “interfere” with each other. Medium frequency currents are painless and have a pleasant sensation. There are a number of physiological effects including pain relief, muscle stimulation, increased local blood flow and reduction of swelling. It therefore has a role in soft tissue repair and promoting healing.

Laser Therapy

There are two categories of laser light, high powered lasers which are used in industry, engineering and some branches of medicine and low and mid-powered lasers where there is no appreciable heat associated with their use. The low powered laser used in physiotherapy treatments has a small width of application and small depth of penetration and is used to treat soft tissue injuries to tendons, ligaments and superficial joint problems. Laser is used in acute and chronic conditions to promote healing of the injured structure and help prevent abnormal scar tissue developing.