Signs and Symptoms

Pain is felt in the low back area and back of the leg as a result of acute or chronic compression of one or more of the nerve roots of the sciatic nerve.  One of the causes of sciatica is a disc prolapse which can lead to pain, pins and needles and sometimes, muscle weakness and sensory loss in the limb.

Our Treatment & Expertise

Treatment in the acute phase is appropriate rest and medication, and avoiding aggravating positions or activities.

Early assessment and treatment will minimise long term problems and individualised exercises and rehabilitation, posture and ergonomic advise will prevent recurrence. Treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation and symptoms. This may consist of manual therapy, traction, acupuncture, heat or cold therapy and electrotherapy modalities including ultrasound and interferential therapy. Exercise is also an important part of treatment and will help restore range of motion and strengthen muscles of the lumbo-pelvic region.