Stress Fractures

Signs and Symptoms

Stress fractures are a common injury among athletes, especially runners. It is a tiny fracture or crack in the bone as a result of repetitive strain and excessive loading on the bone. Pain and inflammation are present and the bone is very tender to touch. With lower limb stress fractures, it can be very painful to stand or walk. Stress fractures can occur in virtually any bone in the body.

Our Treatment & Expertise

It is very important in the assessment to identify the probable risk factors, e.g. a change in training patterns and training errors, taking up a new activity, poor foot biomechanics, muscle imbalances, insufficient shock absorption in training shoes, and lack of flexibility, to name a few.

An X-ray will confirm the fracture and generally rest from the aggravating activity will allow the fracture to heal, which can take up to 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, your physiotherapist will have assessed your biomechanics and ascertained the risk factors so a personalised programme of appropriate strength and stretch exercises can be prescribed with advice on return to training.  These exercises can be done while the fracture is healing.  The proper assessment and advice will minimise the possibility of recurrence.