Signs and Symptoms

Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents. It is where the spine is hyperextended as the vehicle is hit from behind. Pain gradually presents over 48 hours. Such an injury can affect discs, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue.

Symptoms may include pain in the neck, shoulders or arms, headaches, muscle weakness, pins & needles and sometimes jaw pain. Symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, and in many cases very debilitating.

At Bray Physiotherapy, we take a thorough history to determine the exact location of the pain, it’s aggravating and easing factors and mechanism of onset.  A physical examination includes assessment of movement, detection of spasm, stiffness, pain and tenderness in the muscles and joints of the comparable area.  A neurological examination is performed if nerve root irritation is described.

Our Treatment & Expertise

Our aim is to minimise the pain, restore range of movement and strength to the affected areas and facilitate healing of the injured tissues. All whiplash injuries are complex and all abnormalities assessed are treated. We place a huge emphasis on a “Hands-On” approach including massage, manual therapy and personalised exercise prescription. Electrotherapy including therapeutic ultrasound and interferential therapy helps to reduce inflammation and pain; dry needling or acupuncture can also be used. Exercise therapy is a vital component to the treatment of the patient with whiplash.  Exercises will restore full range of motion and provide stability to the area as it is healing.  A home exercise programme is provided and encouraged and return to full fitness is desired.