Biomechanical Assessment and Provision of Orthotics for Adults and Children

At Bray Physiotherapy, part of your assessment for back or lower limb pain is to observe the feet in standing and assess walking to see if there are any biomechanical issues that are contributing to your pain. Temporary insoles (orthotics) can be inserted into your shoes to correct this abnormal alignment. You will be given a flexibility programme of exercises to help the muscles and joints adapt to the device. We will discuss the availability of custom-made orthotics if the symptoms do not settle with exercise alone. Custom-made orthotics are more expensive but are longer lasting and are specifically made to your foot’s requirements. There are many different types of both temporary and custom-made orthotics that fit into all types of shoes and even summer sandals.

Children and young adults will often require a temporary orthotic to ease pain and correct abnormal alignment if in the growing phase there has been a growth spurt and muscle flexibility has become an issue. Personalised stretching programmes and the orthotic will balance and resolve such issues.

Orthotics can be provided to all ages from the competitive athlete, the casual exercise enthusiast to the elderly where walking and even standing has become a problem.