Bunion Pain

Signs & Symptoms

Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are a common complaint and source of pain. Hallux valgus is a condition whereby there is an abnormal alignment of the big toe. Sometimes there is also extra bone growth and inflammation of tissues surrounding the joint. Common causes of bunions include constrictive footwear or excessive pronation (flat feet).

The most common symptom is pain over the bony prominence of the big toe, often worsened by the pressure of footwear. Other symptoms include redness, blisters, swelling and reduced movement of the big toe.

Our Treatment & Expertise

At Bray Physiotherapy, we will complete a thorough examination of your foot biomechanics to determine the cause of your symptoms. Treatment of bunion pain includes advice on appropriate footwear to reduce pain and friction, correction of foot biomechanics using manual therapy, and an individualised home exercise programme. Often orthotics are prescribed to correct foot function and reduce pain (see orthotic prescription).

In severe cases, it may be advised to contact your GP to discuss obtaining an x-ray and/or an orthopaedic review for surgery. If you go down the path of surgery, physiotherapy also plays an important role in the post-operative rehabilitation and getting you back to full function.